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A Galaxy gate is a unique portal that leads to special maps which contain multiple waves of Aliens to defeat for a grand total reward at the finish of the gate. Rewards vary on the type of galaxy gate completed.

Any normal galaxy gate requires it to be built while special gates are already complete. In a normal galaxy gate you have a certain number of lives to retry and finish the waves but if you lose all your lives then you must rebuild the gate from 0 parts again. Also in special galaxy gates you do not have lives and can retry as much as you want.

Once you have completed the waves of a galaxy gate, it is destroyed and must be rebuilt to use again.

Gate completion rings

Upon completing a normal gate for the first time, you receive a golden ring to the left of your name in the game client above your rank symbol. The max rings you can have are 6.

The available rings are shown below in gate order:


The Kronos Gate awards you with a crown symbol instead of a ring.

Alpha Gate Ring Beta Gate Ring Gamma Gate Ring Delta Gate Ring Epsilon Gate Ring Zeta Gate Ring Kronos Gate Symbol
No Rings Alpha Gate Ring Beta Gate Ring Gamma Gate Ring Delta Gate Ring Epsilon Gate Ring Zeta Gate Ring Kronos Gate Symbol
One-Ring Old Two-Ring Old Three-Ring Old Four-Ring Old
Alpha Gate Ring (Old Version) Beta Gate Ring (Old Version) Gamma Gate Ring (Old Version) Delta Gate Ring (Old Version)

Building a gate

First go to the Galaxy gates page and you will see the galaxy gate materializer. Once there you start by building the gate from random parts earned from rewards by spinning the materializer. When you get a part of a gate, it is added to the gate of which the part is from (example Alpha gate part goes to complete the Alpha Gate).

The normal types of galaxy gates require a total number of parts to be built:

Preparing for the jump

Once you have collected all of a gate's parts clicking on the "Prepare Jump" button, you will find a new portal on your X-1 base map. You start with 3 lives for a normal galaxy gate and after each wave you have a chance to return to base to change any equipment and also save your current wave progress.

Extra lives may only be purchased with Uridium if you still have at least one life left.

Current galaxy gates

Normal gates:

Special gates (during special events):


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