Game Moderators (also known as Mods) are the players who devote their time to enforce the rules followed in-game and monitor chat. They are not employed by DarkOrbit/Bigpoint and do not get paid. Moderators' main role are to ensure the rules of chat are being followed and to assist a player if they are in need of it.

If a moderator ever does something that you'd like to complain about, send an e-mail to and it will be dealt with after a short time. Offensive messages sent to support will most likely result in the temporary/permanent banning of the sender's account.

Moderators do not have special ships, contrary to popular belief. The accounts they use for moderating do not exist outside of chat. Special ships, such as an OVNI or Admin Police are controlled by Administrators or Support. These ships are virtually impossible to kill, having huge health, shield, and speed, as well as enormous drone capacity.


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