Generators are the two sets of items that can be equipped to any ship in the generator slot. There are currently two types of generators available, one that increases Speed, and the other type increases Shield, Speed Generators and Shield Generators.

Equipping generatorsEdit

Generators only have effect on a ship if the generators are equipped on the current configuration. Drones and P.E.T. 10 are able to be equipped with shield generators, while drones add the shield to your ship, and the P.E.T. 10 to it's own shield.

Types of generatorsEdit

There are currently two types of generators available:

G3N-1010 Icon G3N-2010 Icon G3N-3210 Icon G3N-3310 Icon G3N-6900 Icon G3N-7900 Icon

SG3N-A01 Icon SG3N-A02 Icon SG3N-A03 Icon SG3N-B01 Icon SG3N-B02 Icon


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