HM7 is an elite trade drone that allows you to sell the resource ore no matter where in space you are at. This drone, unlike the others, is not visible and does not hover over your ship.

How to use and costEdit

To use the trade drone, you begin by clicking the 'sell ore' icon on the top right just as you would regularly, and begin selling. You can also sell ore under the CPU menu, which an icon of the HM7 trade is found.

The trade drone only has 100 transactions before it is depleted.

However, if you purchase any of the Amber, Jade, or Sapphire designs for the Goliath, you get unlimited trade drone uses.

Unlike most elite items. The trade drone can only be purchased through Payment, similar to the Sapphire, Jade, and Amber designs. The price of this item is 99 cents.

In-game descriptionEdit

With the HM7 trade drone, you can sell your ore no matter what orbit you‘re in. Why waste time going back to the space station?
Valid for 100 transactions.

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