Weapon type Rocket Launcher
Base damage
Cost 500,000 credits
Elite status No
Available in Shop?
Official Description
This rocket launcher makes it possible to win a battle before it‘s even begun. One little rocket makes a world of difference on the battlefield - firing up to 3 rockets, this rocket launcher unleashes a broadside of destruction, giving a whole new meaning to the word firepower. This highly sophisticated piece of weaponry can only be equipped with specially designed rockets.

HST-1 (Hellstorm Launcher 1) is a credit bought rocket launcher with three rocket barrels. It is available in the Shop for 500,000 credits .


To use this rocket launcher, you must select the type of Hellstorm Rocket by pressing on one of the rocket icons below:

Next, you must manually load it with any Hellstorm Rockets, by pressing the icon with a image of the Hellstorm Rocket you have selected plus 3 little circles below. The 3 circles will fill in with a color corresponding to the Hellstorm Rocket you choose. Once the 3 circles have been filled, press the icon again to fire (obviously you need to select a target). You can also fire less than 3 Hellstorm Rockets by pressing the icon before it is filled up.

Continue to repeat the loading process and firing process as you battle.

You can automatically load the rocket launcher with the RL-LB1 CPU extra, which costs 25,000 Uridium in the Shop or can be found in the Auction.

To load a total of five rockets, see HST-2, an elite rocket launcher. You can get the HST-2 launcher fairly quickly through Auction and even cheaply, so it's not recommended to buy this rocket launcher.