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Hades Gate
Hades Gate

The Hades Gate is a galaxy gate which was released on April 26, 2013. The gate requires 45 pieces to build, and a player needs a minimum of 3 other players in a group who have all opened this gate to begin. Maximum players are 8.

Hades GateEdit

The Hades Gate is located in the dangerous Hades Nebula. It is a galaxy gate that players have to do in a group, that is challenging to com


Group (formerly outfit) has been updated to have a maximum of 8 players in a group.



In the Hades Gate, there are three phases:


Alien RewardsEdit

All players in the gate receive an equal share of the rewards for each alien/boss destroyed.

Final RewardsThese are the values for each player who finishes the Hades Gate and will not be split like the alien rewards.Edit

  • Uridium: 20,000 (uridium for NPC depends of number the players in gate)
  • Ammo: 15,000 UCB-100
  • Honor: 200,000
  • EP: 4,000,000 
  • Log-disks: 8
  • Booty Keys: 4
  • A chance that all group members will receive a laser LF-4

WavesPhase 1:Edit

  • Phase 2:
    • x5 Lordakium
    • x5 Boss Lordakium
    • x3 Uber Lordakium
    • x1 Emperor Lordakium (deals about 500-600 damage, same as two Uber Lordakium). Attention: The Emperor Lordakium tries to reach the borders of the map. When it does, it spawns in another place and sets two turrets that regenerate it's health. To kill the Emperor Lordakium, you have to kill the two turrets and try to not let it go near the borders by constantly shooting it (Example: If it is being shot from the North side, the EL will go South, also vice versa).
  • Phase 3:
    • x3 Kristaloon
    • x3 Boss Kristaloon
    • x2 Uber Kristaloon
    • x1 Emperor Kristaloon ( does aprox. 1,000-2,000 damage, same as two Uber Kristalon. Also it has an ability whwre it does about 3,000 damage)

Tips Edit

  • Best ship group formation (for 8 players): 4 Aegis + 4 Goliath (Diminisher). Also a Citadel would help so that it can tank most of the damage
  • Fewer players means more uridium (Hades with 4 players - 1 player get aprox. 180 K uridium from NPC + Gate reward)
Hades Gate Preview

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