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The Hangar is the section where you can find the Overview and Equipment tabs. These two tabs are used to display your ship's information and also to configure your equipment.


Expansion Prices
2nd Hangar: 50,000 Uridium

3rd Hangar: 40,000 Uridium

4th Hangar: 35,000 Uridium

5th Hangar: 30,000 Uridium

6th Hangar: 25,000 Uridium

7th Hangar: 20,000 Uridium

8th Hangar: 15,000 Uridium

9th Hangar: 10,000 Uridium

10th Hangar: 5,000 Uridium

Total cost: 230,000 Uridium

Equipment is distributed throughout each hangar, hangars can be switched at bases, you may switch at another location at a cost of jump credits using ship warp.


Overview is the main tab that displays information such as hit points, laser ammo storage, generators, drone, and P.E.T. information. On the right you can find a rotating 3-D model of your current ship, wearing the current design.

For more information, please visit the Overview page.


Equipment is the second tab that lets you change, edit, and sell items that can be equipped on your ship, drones, or P.E.T. 10.

For more information, please visit the Equipment page.

Extra HangarEdit

You can have extra hangars for different ships with different equipment. Drones and the P.E.T. 1 transfer over to the other ships, but equipment is unique to each ship.

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