Havoc Drone Design

Havoc is a drone design that is one of five bonus drone designs, that is currently available.

The obtained bonus Edit


For this design to provide its bonus, all of your Drones must be equipped with the Havoc Drone Design. For example, if you have eight Drones, you will require eight Havoc Designs to be equipped to receive the additional 10% bonus.

The Iris and Flax Havoc look:

Havoc Iris
Havoc Flax

Obtaining the Havoc Drone DesignEdit

You can obtain Havoc designs from the Zeta gate. There is a 100% chance to get a Havoc in your first Zeta gate. The chance to get an Havoc after the first Zeta gate used to be 33%, but is now 45% since the release of the Spartan drone design. The chance of receiving a Havoc design is believed to be reduced by 1% for every Havoc drone equipped, so it may be viable to remove any equipped before attempting the Zeta gate.