Hellstorm is a type of rocket and rocket launcher. A Hellstorm rocket is only able to be equipped onto a rocket launcher. Equipping a rocket launcher is done by clicking the appropriate icon of the rocket launcher, then after the three/five lights blink, you press it again to fire. If you purchase the credit brought HST-1, there will be 3 light icons and if you purchase the uridium bought HST-2, there will be 5 light icons. Each light icon represents a barrel where the rockets are placed before firing. You can fire rockets when the light icons are not full you, but with obvious less damage and lethalication.

Hellstorm rocketsEdit

The hellstorm rockets are special rockets that can only be loaded onto one of the two rocket launchers to fire.

  • HSTRM-01 - A more powerful hellstorm rocket, costing 25 uridium.
  • ECO-10 - A basic hellstorm rocket, costing 1,500 credits per rocket.
  • UBR-100 - Lethal anti-alien hellstorm rocket, costing 30 uridium.
  • SAR-01 - A shield-absorbing rocket, costing 2,000 credits per rocket.
  • SAR-02 - A sheild-absorbing rocket, costing 20 uridium per rocket
  • CBR - A shield-absorbing rocket with damage infliction, costing 40 uridium per rocket

For more information, please visit the Rocket page

Hellstorm rocket launchersEdit

There are currently only two types or rocket launchers available:

  • HST-1 - a credit bought rocket launcher with three barrels.
  • HST-2, a uridium bought rocker launcher with five barrels.

For more information, please visit the Rocket Launcher page

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