High Score Gate

High Score Gate is a gate which can be accessed when you have an access key. It will give waves of Aliens with  increasing difficulty, each wave’s Aliens will have a certain points score. These points will be added up and given to your points total. You have 30 minutes to gather as many points as possible.

Where to collect Access Keys?Edit

The keys can be found in bonus boxes, of course they can be more easily found in the special P.E.T. only bonus boxes which were only around during September, 2011. Once you get one, you will be notified.

How many keys to enter gate?Edit

You only need one key to access the gate; however, once you have used that key, you must collect another to access the gate again.

Where is the High Score Gate?Edit

Once you have collected a key, the gate will appear on your X-3 map in the center.

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