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Hit points, also know as health points (or HP), damage points, or just health, is the finite value used to determine how much life a ship or Alien has. When the ship or alien takes damage, it's hit points are reduced by how much damage is dealt and when it hits 0, it is destroyed.

When a player is destroyed, they have the option to repair and when done so, is instantly brought back to the nearest base with low hit points.

The base hit points of ships and aliens vary according to the type of alien or ship it is. Lost hit points on a ship can easily be regained and also extended beyond the normal limit.

Taking damageEdit

When a ship takes damage:

Regaining lost HP (Hit points)Edit

As long as the player has more than 0 HP, damage may be repaired by a Repair Bot. For the repair bot to work, the player must be stationary and neither attacking nor under attack. Repair bots may be triggered manually by the player, or automatically by a NC-RRB Repair-bot Auto CPU equipped in the current configuration.

Lost HP may also be regained by winning Extra hit points from the Galaxy Gate Generator.

Increasing the repair rateEdit

The repair rate may be improved by a REP-B01 repair booster.


  • Most players carry a Repair bot in at least one configuration.
  • Don't use extra hit points to repair damage; instead, repair the damage first, then the extra hit points can extend your HP beyond their normal maximum.

For more information, please visit the Repairing page

Repairing or replacing your shipEdit

Once a player ship's HP reach 0, the player exits the game, and to continue playing the player must:

  • Buy a new ship from the Hangar, or successfully bid for one in Trade.
  • Repair the ship. If the player has a repair credit, one will be used, otherwise it costs 500 Uridium.

Repair or replace?Edit

If the player has a ship which can be bought for Credits, most players choose to replace the ship by buying a new one, rather than repairing it, as even 285,000 Credits (the price of the Bigboy, the most expensive ship which can be bought with Credits) is considered to be worth less than 500 Uridium

Extending HP (Hit points)Edit

You can gain extra HP beyond your ship's nominal maximum through several mechanisms:

  • Extra hit points can be won using the Galaxy Gate Generator.
  • The Ship hull I and Ship hull II Pilot Bio skills increase a ship's HP.
  • The HP-B01 Hit point booster increases a ship's HP for a limited period of 10 hours each booster.
  • The shared hit point booster increases the HP of any ship close to the player who bought it.
  • Designs, such as the Saturn, can increase HP.
  • The Heart drone formation increases the HP.
  • However, you can only extend to double your ship's normal HP. The extra health is shown in a yellow bar over your ship's normal green bar.

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