Welcome to the DarkOrbit Wiki! Here you will find space pilots alike that are dedicated to fill in the vast space of missing information in this expanding MMO space shooter game. More information is to be added but in the mean time feel free to help. Join us by editing today!

Since 2007, we have had 80,495 on 866 articles and 2,132 images on this wiki. Currently, we have 6 active users and 12,965,444 total users.

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DarkOrbit is community driven to add, expand, and share information about the multiplayer action game DarkOrbit. So begin by navigating to one of the categories below, edit some of our stubs that could use more information, or check out our recent activity. Good luck, and Godspeed, captain!

Since October 27, 2007 we have had 80,495 edits on 866 pages

Currently, we have 6 active users and 12,965,444 total users. Join them by editing today!

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Please do not post information about your individual account, ship build, or items that you are selling in these articles. Material of this nature will be removed on sight. To learn more about this Wikia, read DarkOrbit:FAQ. To learn what activities are prohibited on this Wikia, read DarkOrbit:What the DarkOrbit Wikia is not. Enjoy!

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