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How do I correctly logout from the space map

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-›WhiteLazer‹- Board Admin Darkorbit [1] Join Date: 25.02.2010Posts: 3840 how do I correctly logout of spacemap?----

Once your playing time is up, you'll be wanting to logout.
This is a very method one click away, below shows the button to press to logout, highlighted in red:

Simple click this and the following will show up:

A 5 second logout will count down if you're premium.
A 20 second logout will count down if you're not premium.
Once the count down has completed, the window will close, if you do not do it correctly you'll stay on the map a further 10 minutes, so you may be prone to attack if not in correct place.

To logout the backpage correctly you'll need to use the logout button to the top right:

Once you've done both you're safe.---- Last edited by -›WhiteLazer‹- : 17.03.2010 at 19:13.

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