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How do I used the invisibility (cloaking) on my ship

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How do I use the invisibility (cloaking) on my ship ?----

You want to fly about unseen, sneak attack enemy players, and collect ore safely, then the cloaking device is what you need.

You've got a choice as to where you buy cloaks from, first off you can buy them from the extras tab under hanger:

(You can also bid for them in the 'Trade' section).

Then you've got to scroll down and click on the cloak:

As soon as you click on this you will then click buy.

Another way to cloak is to buy the cloaking CPU, which holds 10 cloaks on a chip, and you can use it from your spacemap screen. You can also buy other cloaking CPUs that give you more cloaks. This is shown below:

Once you buy this it will go to your Equipment, under Hanger.
You'll have to apply the CPU on to one or two of your configurations, once this is done you'll be able to use it from you spacemap. [You can drag the Cloak icon to extras or you can press Ctrl + Click on the icon to get it equipped on the place it belongs in. As the picture below shows:

Remember you're only in visible until your first attack on a player or enemy.
Once you are cloaked using either of these you're still visible on the mini-map to other players, so remember watch out! It is approved if you hide in a cluster of enemies(Aliens) so that the player you want to surprise attack will not think your there and mistaken you for the aliens. But caution =is still advised, being 'invisible' will not make you 'invincible'---- Last edited by -›Whal3Fail123‹- : December. 28th 2012 [Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!]

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