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How do I work the chat, people having different colour

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-›WhiteLazer‹- Board Admin Darkorbit [1] Join Date: 25.02.2010Posts: 3840 How do I work the chat, people having different colour?----

Chat is a very important thing in the game there are many different chat you can use.

The chat box is very easy to use, first I'll show you what the different colours mean:

As you can see there is a yellow name and response, this is a Chat Mod.
Although Chat Admin, S-mods, Board mods, Game Admins will all have a yellow name and response, they are the people who will keep the chat clean.

As you can see this picture shows many things, the red name is a Supporter of Darkorbit, they are the actual employees of BigPoint.
Then below that is a blue name, this is just a normal player of Darkorbit chatting.

Now the bad news, as you can see I was banned for being Awesome.
Any ban will show you've been banned by an Administrator then the reason beside it.

To check how long that ban is for, all you need to do is refresh your page:

This is the chat window that will show how long you're banned for, this is by the system time, GMT +1.
Once the time is up refresh your page again and you will have the chat back.

If you do have a problem with any chat bans please post them here for Admins/S-Mods to look at for you, remember post your UID:
>> Chat Board! <<

The chat has more than just one chat you can talk in, there is Global Chat, Company Chat, Clan Chat, and if you're in a clan your own Clan Chat.

To talk in another chat all you've go to do is click on the tab of the chat room you'd like to go to.
So make your chat smaller, click the little circle which is highlight in the above picture in the red box and drag this to the size you want.

For the chat commands you can use, have a read of this thread:
>> Chat Commands <<---- Last edited by -›WhiteLazer‹- : 17.03.2010 at 19:14.

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