A page on how to earn Credits faster than the regular conventional way by doing missions and collecting boxes.

Different options Edit

  • The first and foremost step is by collecting boxes.
  • Destroying Aliens and other players
  • Purchase Premium to have auto-refining of cargo
  • Winning bid in Auction House for a Resource booster
  • Winning bid in Auction House. Bid low, sell high. Only effective on some items with high selling price
  • Cloaking in an x-6 map where many Protegits are destroyed due to exploding P.E.T.s, leaving alien cargo everywhere
  • Selling ores or when cargo bay is full
  • Transporting and selling ores from Skylab

Upper mapsEdit

For this you need a very strong outfit (full elite if posible) and what you just do is shoot Cubicon's or Kristalon's. Do this for a couple of hours and you will see you credits and uridium rise to a big amount. 

Make sure that you are doing quests to level up quicker and get loads of credits. 

The best thing to do is going to map 5-2 with an outfit. and collecting dropped alien cargo which is worth more than usual maps.Edit

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