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-›WhiteLazer‹- Board Admin Darkorbit [1] Join Date: 25.02.2010Posts: 3840 How do I get a title ?

Titles are what other players battle over so they can see who can keep them the longest.
To gain a title you must kill a player or alien for it to be transferred to your ship.

There are certain rules to having a title for you to keep it as long as possible.

1 - You must login at least once within 48 hours.
2 - You must not be in a Demilitarized Zones for more than 2 hours at once.
3 - For the time to add up you must be out of Demilitarized Zones.
4 - The time will only add up if you're online.
5 - You should try not to die.If you do lose the title by 1 + 2 above, the title will be moved to an alien for a player to get it, it will be a random alien in a random map.

There are 18 titles that you can achieve, they are as below:

Master of the Orbit
Space Cleaner
Dark Pilot
Goli Hunter
Alien Hunter
Space Whiz
Orbit King
Phoenix Shock
Chaos Pilot
Most Wanted
Portal Guard
Battle Master
System Lord
The Legend

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