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I have a problem, what do I do ?----

If you have a problem you will need to know where to post or e-mail your query.

If your problem with your account regarding a ban/suspension please contact support..
By using the support form on your home tab of your backpage:

If you cannot login to your account use this direct link:

Support deal with alot of other things like:Bugs/Glitches
Reseting Gates
Problems with questsAll sorts of problems, don't hesitate to contact us.


If you're having problems with accounting, payment problems please contact Payment Support: Payment Support Thread

Reading the above thread will give you the directions you need.


Galaxy Gate, trade, clan, cache, flash problems etc, please post in the Technical Section of the forums.
From here Admins and S-Mods will deal with your problem and advice you on what to do.


Chat account problems, please post in the Chat Section of the forums.
Here, Admins/S-Mods will help you also who are from the chat team.
But any suspensions of any kind are to be queried by support.

In any of these problems you have please post your UID and a detailed comment about your problem, so we can solve problem with ease.

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