Item Upgrading

Item Upgrading is a feature that enables you to upgrade any lasers, rocket launchers, shield generators, drones, and Clan Battle Station modules that you have. Every successful upgrade you do to an item increases the damage/shield bonus of the item. You can spend additional Uridium to purchase upgrade boosts to increase the chance of the upgrade attempt by 5%, to a maximum of 100% (will result in the item being upgraded). Maximum level of items is 16, because they may be upgraded 15 times from level 1 (as shown above). The maximum LF-3 upgrade adds +9 LF-3 damage.


Uridium bought items cost uridium to upgrade, while credit bought items cost credits to upgrade.


When you are upgrading an item, the percentage of damage/shield will increase. So if you were to upgrade an LF-3 laser and it does 0.4% more damage, then that would be 150 x 100.4% which would equal 150.6. So if you had a laser upgraded to 0.8% for example, you would be doing 151.2 damage with that laser.


  • Upgrading only important items such as Iris, LF-4's, B02's, and Hellstorm 2 rocket launcher.
  • Do not upgrade something at 100% unless it says so on the chart below.. Or if you're strapped on uri save more uridium by doing every upgrade at 50%, it costs around 2.2k uridium for the early upgrades on an lf3 at 50% and 100% it costs 4.8k thats more than double, so for ever two upgrades you fail you lose 4.4k uridium but then next two upgrades that you win will only cost you 4.4k instead of 4.8k saving you much more uridium than before overall. I have used this tip for a long time and it has worked wonderfully.
  • EDIT: Check this link in the forum to identify the most cost-effective option to upgrade an item.
  • I wouldn't upgrade any items unless you are FE or over and iris first!

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