A Jump Credit is a unit that allows a player to teleport their ship to another map. They are used alongside Advanced Jump CPU's. They are considered rare if obtained through other means than buying them.

How to earnEdit

  • The third day bonus of the Daily Login Bonus
  • Completing daily quests
  • From certain Quests by Nyx
  • Certain bonus boxes when there are special events ongoing
  • Using payment to purchase them, also during special events
  • Completing Galaxy Gates

Using a jump credit Edit

Simply open up the extras tab on the toolbar. Then you have to make sure the Advanced Jump CPU chip is equipped, then simply click on the Jump button and a Jump credit will be used.


  • Jump Vouchers, another name for Jump credits, can be purchased in the Shop during a Special Offer
  • Using the Advanced Jump Unit gives you chance to enter the Cubikon's graveyard
  • Another term for jumping or moving from map to map is to "Ship Warp"