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Galaxy Gate Kappa

The Kappa Gate is a new intermediate Galaxy Gate added on June 21, 2012, along with the release of the Hercules drone design and the multi booster, both of which can only be obtained from the Kappa Gate. It is a great source of Experience Points with a substantial challenge of Aliens found in all of the current galaxy gates.

This gate requires a total of 120 parts to be assembled.


Total uridium from NPC is 17155 Uridium


Gate RewardsEdit

NPC RewardsEdit

Video of the Kappa Gate[3]Edit

DarkOrbit - Kappa Galaxi Gate-009:18

DarkOrbit - Kappa Galaxi Gate-0


  • Have your P.E.T 10 out to help you (Every little damage helps).
  • Use Seprom boosted x2 ammunition that you get from building the gate.
  • Be sure to collect your rewards and have your P.E.T 10 out so it gets EXP.
  • Use moth drone formation, nearly all aliens in that gate die with over half shields when you use it. (Pretty useful. Helps you do the waves way faster).
  • Don't chase them down. Let the aliens run when low on hit points, then move on to the next one. Once they've all scattered into the corner(s), find the "sweet spot" where you're out of their range and pop them at your leisure.
  • Put your P.E.T 10 on autolooter when you're shooting the aliens in the corner(s). It can go into the Radiation Zone without damage and collect the salvage)


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