LF-1 Laser Cannon
Weapon type Laser Cannon
Base damage 40 damage per shot
Cost 10,000 credits
Elite status No
Available in Shop?
Official Description
Small laser: causes up to 40 damage points per shot

LF-1 is the first and cheapest credit bought laser cannon, and deals the weakest damage. It deals up to 40 damage per shot with regular LCB-10 laser battery ammunition.

The next stronger laser is the MP-1.

Obtaining LF-1 lasersEdit

LF-1 are available in the Shop for 10,000 credits each. 

In-game descriptionEdit

Small laser: causes up to 40 damage points per shot


  • It is not recommended to purchase LF-1 laser cannons, as they are too weak and can be easily replaced. Instead, one should consider purchasing LF-2 and LF-3 laser cannons, the best credit and uridium lasers, respectively.

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