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Weapon type Laser Cannon
Base damage 150 damage per shot
Cost 10,000 Uridium
Elite status Yes
Available in Shop and Trade
Official Description
Elite laser: causes up to 150 damage points per shot

LF-3 is an elite laser cannon and is the second to strongest laser available. It is one step down from the LF-4.

It is the only type of laser cannon equipped on a Full-Elite ship. But as of August 12, 2011, it is 1 of 2 lasers that are able to be equipped in such a ship.

Damage inflictedEdit

LF-3 lasers inflict up to 150 damage per shot, using LCB-10 Laser Battery

Obtaining the LF-3Edit

The LF-3 is available for 10,000 Uridium in the Shop.

It may also be bid on in Trade. You need approximately 15-30 mil to win the LF-3 in Trade, but be aware that the LF-3 will sometimes go above 30 million in auctions.

You also have a random chance to win an elite type of laser cannon from a Booty Box.

Laser ColorEdit

A ship equipped with full LF-3 lasers does not fire red lasers (this doesn't include when lasers are equipped to drones, as using LCB-10 with 8 LF3 Lasers on drones and 7 on a Goliath causes them to be red) :

  • Lasers appear blue when using LCB-10 or MCB-25 laser batteries.
  • Lasers appear green when using MCB-50 laser batteries.
  • Lasers appear white when using UCB-100 laser batteries, regardless of the laser being used.
  • Lasers appear orange when using RSB-75 elite laser batteries, regardless of the laser being used.
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