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Galaxy Gate Lambda

The Lambda Gate is an intermediate galaxy gate made of 45 parts.

Consisting of normal boss aliens, it is the gate that requires the second lowest number of parts to be completed (first is the Alpha Gate). However, it is the fastest to build because it has so few parts and all spins on it go specifically to getting parts for it and no other gate.

Alien waves

  1. 1 wave:
    1. 10× Boss Streuner
    2. 10× Boss Lordakia
    3. 10× Boss Lordakia
  1. 2 wave:
    1. Boss Mordon
    2. Boss Saimon
    3. Boss Saimon

The second wave will come after half the first wave has been destroyed, same with the third wave after half the second wave has been destroyed.

  1. 3 wave:
    1. Boss Devolarium
    2. Boss Sibelonit
    3. Boss Devolarium
  1. 4 wave:
    1. Boss Sibelonit
    2. Boss Sibelon
    3. Boss Sibelonit
  1. 5 wave:
    1. Boss Lordakium
    2. 10× Boss Lordakia
    3. Boss Lordakium
  1. 6 wave:
    1. Boss Kristallin
    2. Boss Kristallin
    3. Boss Kristallon
  1. 7 wave:
    1. Boss Kristallon
    2. 10× Boss Kristallin
    3. 10× Boss Kristallin


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