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Laser Batteries are the ammunition used by laser cannons. Each time a single laser cannon is fired, it consumes a single laser battery.

Obtaining laser batteriesEdit

Most laser batteries are available to be purchased in the Shop, bought with credits, while elite laser battery for uridium.

The exceptions are:

  • UCB-100 - Which is only available from the Galaxy Gate Generator, bought as a part of a Advantage Pack, and obtained by finishing a quest.
  • RSB-75 - Intermediately available in the ammo section of the Shop after a happy hour or mega happy hour event.
  • CBO-100 - Intermediately in the ammo section of the Shop after a happy hour or mega happy hour event.

Types of laser batteriesEdit

Comparison chart
Laser Batteries Cost per unit Damage multiplier/Description
LCB-10 10 Credits x1 (the weakest ammo)
MCB-25 0.5 Uridium x2
MCB-50 1 Uridium x3
UCB-100 N/A
(only available from the Galaxy Gate Generator)
x4 (only obtained from

Galaxy Gates completion or building -or- secret cubikon map (in bonus boxes) and limited times in shop)

RSB-75 5 Uridium x6 (the most powerful ammo. After 1 shot/volley it takes less than 2 seconds to recharge)
SAB-50 1 Uridium Special: Drains target's shield and recharges the attackers. Does the same absorption effect as x2 of your damage.
CBO-100 5 Uridium Special: Inflicts x3 damage just as MCB-50 as well as has half of the shield effect from SAB-50.

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