A Laser cannon is the primary weapon any ship has that is required to deal damage to enemy player ships or aliens. There are 3 Credit purchased laser cannons with 1 Uridium purchased one with increased stats.

The latest addition to the laser cannon family is the LF-4, which is the strongest elite laser cannon currently available.

Where are they found?Edit

How to equipEdit

You equip a laser cannon to an unused weapon slot on your ship's configuration. You can also equip one to any drone available and even a P.E.T. 10 if owned. Note: you have to be at a friendly base or logged out of the game client to equip or change a laser cannon.

Ammunition and how to useEdit

The primary ammo that a laser cannon uses are called batteries.

The main page for this category is Battery.

To start shooting lasers you first need ammunition available and the laser cannon equipped. Next you need a valid target you can click on, then if enabled in the options menu, you can either:

  • Manually click on the desired battery on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Double clicking the mouse if enabled in the options.
  • Pressing the Hot Key Ctrl/Cmd until pressed again to turn back off.

Upgrading statsEdit

You can upgrade any laser cannon using Ore. The upgraded shots are depleted by 1 ore piece for every 10 shots fired.

Laser cannon comparison Edit

Laser cannon Cost LCB-10 damage
LF-1 10,000 Credits


MP-1 40,000 Credits 60

256,000 Credits

(was 5,000 Uridium and once available in Trade)

LF-3 10,000 Uridium
(or bid in Trade)



(Pirate Booty, Epsilon Gate, Hades Gate

or Kappa Gate )



  • (No longer relevant as of 11/20/2013) It was once recommended to not purchase the LF-2 with Uridium because the LF-3 Laser was only 5,000 more Uridium.

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