1. 1 You shall never shoot any of your members or allies if a general or commander asks you to shoot members for no reason you have the right to stand down and dis obey orders
  1. 2 No part of 720 shall ever leave the legion or it's allies if you do 720+allies will have the right to declare war
  1. 3 All 720 and allied members will be treated with respect when a general or a commander or any high rank treats you with disrespect and dishonorable behavior you have the right to have them demoted but only when the council and the representatives agree on it
  1. 4 When the legion is attacked make the enemy pay with your lazers to there heads

this is the constitution of 720 please with all due respect generals fellow council members and commanders abide to these rules please treat lower ranks like they're a part of this clan and not just a toy for us to use

- from ]pyrus[ _-_wargod_-_ REN^IS^HERE beatiful butterfly & FIRE14101

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