This is the rules that the clan leader and future clan leaders must abide to

1. Can not shoot there own members or other clans that are nuetral allied or unknown but can shoot at a member of a clan declared war on by 720

2. The leader can only take 800k credits out of the clan bank for his/her use once a week (if it gets to the point of being a fe clan i'll raise it higher)

3. The leader can only declare war on a clan if they attack you and/or your clan mates,if a clan ask's assistance for help in there clan war with another clan, and If they attack an allied clan for no reason.

4. council can sometimes hold votes with votes the clan members has more power than the clan leader so if a vote happens clan leaders are not allowed to stop it from happening

5. Clan leaders are not allowed to change these rules

6, Can not be an mmo killer or shooter if they shoot an mmo that is on there kos list it does not count

That's all future clan leaders should look at these to know what not to do

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