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The Level Invasion Gate (simply known as the Invasion Gate) is an alien invasion event for players that are level 5 or higher.

The gate is just like a normal galaxy gate, with a few twists. First you will need queue up to join this gate at certain maps, according to your level:

  • Gate 1: Level 5 - 9 on your companies X-1 map
  • Gate 2: Level 10 - 14 on your companies X-3 map
  • Gate 3: Level 15+ on your companies X-5 map
    Level Invasion Gate


These gates will be in the middle of the map ready for you to queue up with other players. Once you jump in, Aliens will be flying around waiting for you, rewards for the Alien's within the gate will be shared out between the people shooting it. Help your company win overall, get in the gate and gain many credits for you and others! The Invasion Gate is also the home of the dreaded Kucurbium and Boss Kucurbium, the evil space pumpkin. There will be many people shooting aliens and the harder the aliens get the more you should work as a team.

(NEW) Level Invasion Gate video

Dark orbit portal invasion08:01

Dark orbit portal invasion

A slightly old clip that highlights the jewel of invasion gates, the Kucurbiums

Alien waves

  1. Streuner
  2. Lordakia
  3. Mordon
  4. Saimon
  5. Devolarium
  6. Kristallin
  7. Sibelon
  8. Sibelonit
  9. Kristallon
  10. Protegit
  11. 1x StreuneR with ISH + Streuner
  12. Lordakia, Saimon, Mordon
  13. 1x Lordakium with ISH + Lordakia
  14. Boss Lordakia, Boss Saimon, Boss Mordon
  15. 1x Sibelon with ISH + Sibelonit
  16. Boss Mordon, Boss Sibelonit, Kristallin
  17. 1x Kristallon with ISH + Kristallin
  18. 3x Boss Lordakium with ISH + Protegit
  19. 2x SaNeJiEwZ (each with different names)
  20. 3x SaNeJiEwZ (each with different names)
  21. 2x Boss Kucurbium with ISH + Kucurbium
  22. 3x Boss Kucurbium with ISH + Kucurbium

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