Max Hit points 16,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 6,000
Cost 40,000 C.
Speed 330
Lasers 4
Generators 6
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 2
Cargo 400
With Cargo Expander 800
Cargo as Premium Member 900
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 1800
Destroy Rewards
Official Description


The Liberator is a small Starfighter ship that lacks in HP and firepower. Players start with this ship and can upgrade to a better ship such as the Leonov or Vengeance.

IMG 1640

Old design

Obtaining the LiberatorEdit

  • You start off with a Liberator when you make a new account.
  • Purchasing it from the Shop under 'Ships' for 40,000 Credits.


  • After the Iceberg Invasion, the Defcom or Yamato no longer exist; it is recommended that you save to buy the Nostromo (credits) or Leonov/Vengeance (uridium).
  • Liberator, is a definite increase in firepower from the Phoenix, however does have low HP.

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