A Log-Disk (L-D) is an elite extra that is exchanged in a bundle for research points which are used upgrading skills found on the Skill tree. They cost Uridium and can also be earned various different ways. The quantity needed to trade for a research point increases after every exchange.

How to earn a log-diskEdit

Not only can they be purchased in the Shop for 300 Uridium each unit, but you can also earn them by:

Uses for a log-disk Edit

They are mainly used for exchanging into research points for upgrading your skills. The amount of log-disks needed for the first research point begins at 30.

You can also use them in the Tech Center for creating tech items. They are used with Credits and Seprom and are used in quantities from 1 to 30 per item created.

Research point (pilot point) cost tableEdit

Below is a table that depicts the rising cost to exchange log-disks for a single research point in the Skill tree, the total price would be 10,795,400 Uridium for maxing out research points:


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