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Log Disks

Log-Disks (L-D) are elite extras that are purchased with Uridium and are exchanged for Pilot Points. The pilot points are then used to apply on skills found on the Skill Tree. Log-disks are deceptively cheap when first purchasing them, but later become much more expensive and need to be bought in enormous quantities.

Obtaining log-disksEdit

Log-disks can be obtained:

Log-disks usesEdit

You can mainly use log-disks to exchange for Pilot Points. Every time you exchange the required amount of log-disks for a pilot point , the amount automatically goes up every time, by a larger addend every time. The amount of log-disks needed for the first pilot point starts at 30.

The second use is the Tech Center. They are required (along with credits and seprom) to create Tech Items. Depending on what tech item you are producing, the required log-disks could range from 0 to 5.

Pilot Points CostsEdit

Here are the costs in Uridium for each Pilot Point in a chart:


Total price: 10.795.400 Uridium. Total LGF:32110

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