MCB-25 is currently the cheapest elite ammunition for laser cannons. This ammunition is also known as x2 ammo, because when it is used, the laser cannon inflicts twice the normal damage.

MCB-25 is one step up from LCB-10 ammo, dealing twice its damage, and one step down from MCB-50 ammo, which deals more damage.

In-game descriptionEdit

Mid-Capacity Battery: More bang for your buck: x2 laser damage per shot.

Obtaining MCB-25Edit

MCB-25 can be obtianed by:


  • Some players consider MCB-25 to be the standard ammunition to use in most situations. Use the cheaper LCB-10 ammo when its lesser damage isn't a problem (e.g. when attacking weak enemies) and more powerful ammo (e.g. MCB-50) when attacking stronger enemies.

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