MCB-50 is elite ammunition for the laser cannons and is currently the  most powerful laser battery that is readily available.

It is also known as x3 ammo due to the fact that it deals three times the normal LCB-10 damage.

MCB-50 is one step up from MCB-25 ammo, and one step down from UCB-100 ammo.

Obtaining MCB-50Edit

MCB-50 can be obtained in many ways, those being from:

Appearance while shootingEdit

When all LF-3 laser cannons fill up the weapon slots on any ship, MCB-50 ammunition appears green when fired: Newlasers-x3

In-game descriptionEdit

Maximum Capacity Battery: the best standard laser ammo on the market: x3 laser damage per shot.


  • Some players consider MCB-50 to be the standard ammunition to use when attacking other players or strong Aliens. Use the cheaper LCB-10 or MCB-25 ammo for weaker opponents. Use more powerful ammo (UCB-100 or RSB-75) when attacking stronger players.
  • Switch between MCB-50 and SAB-50 when attacking to help keep your shields up while dealing massive damage.

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