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"Eventually we are going to merge all map information into this page. It will take time so please be patient as new info is constantly added and merged. Feel free to help!"

In the deep regions of the DarkOrbit galaxy, we have managed to find various parts and pieces to create what we call an official space pilot Map guide, that will assist any player (old or new) in finding their way through the orbit. When the word map is used, it simply means the "area" which we fly our ship in. All areas are separated by numerical order depending on the company that owns that area or map. An example is the company MMO, who's home map is 1-1. In that area you will find a base that is capable of letting players trade ore, switch equipment, or even jump to another galaxy by creating a unique portal near the base.

To find out where each alien is found, please visit the Location of aliens page.

Below are the basics of maps, which are broken up into different sections:

Normal maps (lower and upper areas) Edit

A regular map is where normal aliens are found, along with ore and boxes to collect. These maps are broken up into two sections, lower and upper areas.

Lower map

If an area is between X-1 to X-5, it is labeled as a lower map, which are a set of areas that connect all company base maps (as shown below).


X-1 (1-1, 2-1, 3-1) Edit

Overview Edit

Bir portal lider için X-2.

  • Bonus Boxes, Prometium, and Endurium can be found here, mostly in the upper central parts.
  • Galaxy Gates (when built) are found near the station.
  • Event portals are found in the center of the map (when applicable).
  • Danger meter is shown on this map.
  • Killing enemy company ships gives you double Honor and experience.
  • Same company PvP is disabled for this map (although clan wars can enable PVP).
  • At higher levels in X-1 maps, Bonus Boxes, Cargo Boxes, and loot start to gradually drop until you get no rewards or loot from the cargo boxes. You get nothing past level 15.
    • Ores can be collected normally.

Space Station Edit

  • You are protected from any non-provoked attacks at the station. (demilitarized zone).
  • You can sell basic resources (not Palladium or Seprom).
  • You respawn when you have died and quick repair normally.

For more information, please visit the Base page

Aliens Edit

Level Gate Invasion Edit

  • Levels 5-9 can enter this portal.
  • No demilitarized protection.
  • Can only attack when provoked.
  • See invasion gate page

X-2 (1-2, 2-2, 3-2) Edit

Overview Edit


X-3 (1-3, 2-3, 3-3) Edit

X-3 is the set of maps for new players, and is usually considered a high risk due to the danger meter being disabled from here and maps up. Players from your same company can also now friendly fire on you, but there is still Demilitarized Zones around portals.

Overview Edit

New aliens found on this map are slightly stronger than your usual Streuner and Lordakia. Here you will encounter Lordakia, Saimon, Boss Saimon, Mordon, Boss Mordon, Devolarium, and Boss Devolarium. Boss Devolarium is an alien to take precaution from on this map, due to its massive amount of damage.

Ores Edit

The Ores you will find on this map is a plentiful amount of Terbium and Endurium.

X-4 (1-4, 2-4, 3-4) Edit

X-4 contains the maps 1-4, 2-4, and 3-4.

Enemy players are required to be level 5 to enter this map. This map is for the new players who have a ship above the Nostromo and have a good sense of what to expect.

Aliens found on this map are Lordakia, Saimon, Boss Saimon, Mordon, and the mothership Sibelon along with its counterpart the Boss Sibelon.

Ores found on this map are Terbium and Endurium.

Strangely enough, you need to be level 2 to jump to your companies X-4 map while you need to be level 3 to jump to your companies X-3 map. This is odd as X-4 contains stronger aliens and is closer to the Battle Maps than the X-3 maps are.

Upper map

If an area is between X-5 to X-8, it is labeled as an upper map, which have portals to enter battle maps or even pirate maps (as shown below).


The upper map area, is a label given to the higher maps X-5 through X-8, which also include battle maps.

X-5 Edit

X-5 is the map mostly used for traversing and boxing. Level 10 is required to access this map.


X-6 Edit

X-6 is the famous map where the Mothership alien Cubikon resides. This is mostly what the map is used for, along with some enemy company raiding.

Aliens found on this map are Kristallin, Boss Kristallin, Kristallon, Protegit, and Cubikon.

Cubikon should be the least of your worries, while Protegits spawn at a high rate which circle and protect the Cubikon.

X-7 Edit

X-7 is the home of the crystal aliens Kristallin and Kristallon. It is a good map to earn experience, Honor, Credits, and Uridium.

Aliens found on this map are Kristallin, Kristallon, Boss Kristallin, and Boss Kristallon.

X-8 Edit

X-8 is where a second base is located. It is generally a good map for collecting Bonus Boxes and shooting down StreuneR. You must be level 12 to enter this map.

Unlike X-1 though, there is no first fire protection which makes it very vulnerable to enemy raids and attacks.

Aliens found on this map are StreuneR and Boss StreuneR.

Battle maps Edit

Battle maps

A battle map is where PvP (player vs player) is enforced by not having any demilitarized zones. These are considered 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, and 4-5. These maps can be used to access the upper map areas. Level 8 is required to enter any battle map. There are no aliens or ore resources found on these maps. There are bonus boxes which have times 1.5 the content.

If you are shot upon trying to jump from a portal on these maps, you will find that you cannot escape and jump. In the center of each Battle Map is a portal which leads to 4-4.


  • If an event like Spaceball is active, dying in the 4-X maps will let you repair your ship for free.

4-4 Edit

4-4 is the main access way to the Upper Maps and is where you will find groups and outfits of enemy players together. Ship kill rewards on this map are multiplied by 1.5. Any Battle Map can take you to this map making it a high traffic map where much battling is found.

While the popular event called Spaceball is running, you have free repairs and drones do not take damage on this map. The same rule as Battle Maps is enabled here, you cannot jump through a portal if you are being attacked making it a PvP map. There are also no Bonus Boxes, Ores, or aliens found here.

4-5 Edit

Map 4-5 is one of the 5 Battle Maps (All the 4-X maps). This is the only PvP map that contains aliens. The same rules apply as the other Battle Maps; if you are being attacked by other players, you cannot use the jump function including the wormhole (Except aliens). It's accessible through jump portals found on the X-5 maps. Also this map contains an invisible portal in the middle known as the wormhole which sends you to a random position in a random map.

4-5 is the only map that leads to 5-1, the first of three Pirate maps. There are three entrances to 5-1, one for each company, though you can jump through any of the three gates. You can jump into the Pirate maps while being attacked.

4-5 is the second most dangerous map due to having Boss and Uber aliens infested throughout the map. They are high damage counterparts to the regular aliens.

Pirate maps Edit

A Pirate map is an area that contains Pirate type aliens, which are 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3. These set of maps are also part of the upper map areas. There is also a Palladium exchange base on 5-2 which is also demilitarized.

For more information, please visit the Alien/Pirate page.

Rare maps Edit

Below are any rare or unique maps that cannot be accessed through regular means:

Training map Edit

The training map is the starting area for any new players to DarkOrbit, which is located on 0-1.

For more information, please visit the 0-1 page

Galaxy gate map Edit

If you are in a galaxy gate, you are in a far distant area that hosts waves of aliens to defeat for a grand reward.

For more information, please visit the Galaxy gate page'.

Cubikon's Graveyard mapEdit

The Cubikon's Graveyard is a special map that can only be entered by jumping through a wormhole only found in the center of 4-5.You cant go with the first time there tho.

For more information, please visit the Cubikon's Graveyard page.

Event map Edit

An event map is a special map that is only used to host an event such as Team Deathmatch, Spaceball, or many more.

For more information, please visit the Event page.

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