Mardi Gras Box
Mardi Gras Boxes
are special Bonus Boxes that appeared throughout February 17–21 to celebrate Mardi Gras. These boxes are visually different than normal boxes which feature a present in the middle, with three masks encircling it. The contents are much better than the normal box due to it having much more items such as Uridium bought fireworks. They can be found in regular box locations.

Box ContentsEdit

Arranged from common to rare.

  • R-310 Rockets (Tier 1 Rockets)
  • Credits (Small Amounts)
  • PLT-2026 (Tier 2 Rockets)
  • PLT-2021 (Tier 3 Rockets)
  • Xenomit (60 to 200)
  • ECO-10 (Tier 1 Rockets for Rocket Laucher)
  • Fireworks (FWX-S, FWX-M, FWX-L)
  • Extra Energy for Galaxy Gate Generator
  • Uridium (up to 150)
  • Chance to receive 100,000 Credits and 10,000 LCB-10 (x1) ammo
  • P.E.T. Fuel

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