Max Damage PossibleEdit

You will need:

  • 20 LF-4 upgraded to level 16 on level 6 drones upgraded to level 16 (Zeus and Apis). With all drones equipped with Havoc drone designs
  • The Pincer drone formation (3% extra damage to players)
  • Some Seprom (60% extra)
  • 2 Damage boosters (20% extra)
  • A full Pilot Bio (12% extra)
  • Some RSB-75 (x6 damage)
  • you can get more bonus from Clan Battle Stations or Spearhead abilities

Calculated damage:

(15 lasers + (20 lasers * 120% (havoc) * 106.4% (upgraded drones)) * 106.4% (upgrade bonus) * 103% (pincer) *105% (passive bonus diminisher) * 160% (seprom) * 120% (boosters) * 112% (pilot bio) * 6 (rsb ammo) * 150% (diminisher skill))

26,854 damage with LCB-10

161,128 damage with RSB-75

If you are doing a damage test you can add damage from rockets or smartbomb (against a Citadel a smartbomb can do about 100,000 damage). Watch this for maximum damage.

Due to a number of factors the damage numbers can go over the limit, for example: due to lag, in which the damage of two separate attacks are combined and shown as one damage number. However this does not change the "DPS".

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