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Skylab transport moduleEdit

This video explains how to use skylab transport module!

The maximum you can transfer to your ship at one given time is 4500 with premium and boost brought from trade.

There is not a set maximum to transfer from your ship to your skylab.


1.) Must be DarkOrbit realated

2.) Must not be advertising a site

3.) Must not show off accounts or such

4.) Must be something that will educate players

5.) Do not spam this section with videos!

Media below!Edit

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Spam sectionEdit

(Note: Do not move others videos here. Do not place YOUR videos here. These will be accounted as spam, and videos that are useless will be moved down here, NOT deleted, so others can still watch, There will also be a vote section so users can vote them back(IF IT GETS 20 likes ON YOUTUBE IT WILL BE PUT BACK!)

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