A Mine is explosive ammunition that once deployed anywhere on a map, explodes on contact with another ship. There are a different number of mines available and each have their own affect.

Placing a mine Edit

Placing a mine

To place a mine, you simply open the "Mines" menu (shown in the pic to the right) and then click on an available mine to deploy under your ship. Note that placing a mine refreshes the cooldown on all mines and you cannot place another one until about 20~ seconds.

Available mines Edit

Below are available mines in the game, four of which are only available during certain times and the IM-01 mine is available for purchase only during the Parasite Tide event..

ACM-1 Icon DD-M01 Icon EMP-M01 Icon SAB-M01 Icon SL-M01 Icon IM-01

For further information about an individual mine, please click on the respective picture to go to the page.

Unknown minesEdit

Below mines are not in the shop and have not yet been seen yet, but are on the game files.

Rb-02 100x100
Rb-e02 100x100
Rb-e01 100x100

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