Nano Hull is the newly designed extra HP that was previously given as a stackable bonus that was achieved from the Galaxy Gate Generator. Now it represented as it's own yellow bar, giving the same old bonus, but as another bar, just as shields. This does not affect drone formations that reduce or increase HP. Additionally, it can no longer be used to repair one's ship.

Official descriptionEdit

"To get rid of all side effects of Bonus HP stemming from the Galaxy Gate Materializer (HP lost after jumping gates, switching Drone Formations etc.), we reworked the whole Bonus HP system to make it easier to understand and detach it from the things like Drone Formations. The stuff previously known as Bonus HP will now be called “Nano Hull strength” and it will also work a bit different too." - Darkorbit Team.

  • All ships get a set maximum of this new value that is not connected to the base HP or any other factors that increase or somehow change the normal HP.
  • The new Nano Hull Strength will always get used first. That means if you get attacked and have a shield, the damage will go to your shield and Nano Hull strength first, and only afterwards to the Hitpoints (or Shield and Hitpoints, depending on the amount of Nano Hull Strength and Shield)
  • Since Nano Hull Strength is separated from the regular HP it cannot be used any longer to repair your ship (in the past you could use extra HP from the materializer to bypass the repair process).
  • In the Galaxy Gate Materializer the Extra Hitpoints in the list will be exchanged with Nano Hull Strength and the fitting icon for that.
  • The Nano Hull Strength will get a own bar above the ship in the client making it 3 bars in total, 1 for HP, 1 For Nano Hull Strength and 1 for Shield.
  • The Nano Hull Strength also gets a bar in the ship stats pop up in the client UI.
  • An example pic of it:

Capture 1

  • Also when we are migrating the Bonus HP to the Nano Hull Strength we will reward every player with the maximum amount of Nano Hull Strength for his ships. So nobody gets robed of this old bonus hp - and many players get a nice extra. BUT this only is true for already existing ships that the player has when we are migration from Bonus HP to Nano Hull Strength not for every new ship bought afterwards.

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