Max Hit points 120,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 110,000
Cost 195,000 Credits
Speed 340
Lasers 7
Generators 10
Batteries 16,000
Rockets 800
Extra 3
Cargo 700
With Cargo Expander 1400
Cargo as Premium Member 1200
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 2400
Destroy Rewards

Nostromo is one of the most affordable ships available for only 195,000 Credits. With the recent update, it has only furthered its capabilities. It is less powerful than the BigBoy, but faster. The ship now has 4 designs which can be earned by inviting people to play the game.

This ship has 120,000 HP (similar to the old BigBoy and 56,000 more than the original Nostromo), seven lasers and three extras, this ship is armed just like a classic BigBoy and has the base speed to easily outrun most slower enemies. It is the best choice for people who don't want to spend Uridium and get the most of their credits.


Diplomat Edit

Reward for recruiting 5 players that reach at least level 10.

  • Increases the hp to 140,000.
  • Increases its cargo space to 900.
  • In addition to the new design you get.
  • 1 month of premium. 10,000 UCB-100 ammo.

Diplomat Design

Envoy Edit

Reward for recruiting 10 players that reach at least level 11.

  • 10 lasers slots
  • 160,000 HP
  • 1000 cargo space
  • 1 month of premium
  • 10,000 RSB-75 ammo
  • 200 EMP-1s
  • Damage and honor boosters for 10 hours

Envoy Design

Ambassador Edit

Reward for recruiting 25 players that reach at least level 12.

  • 12 laser slots
  • 12 generator slots
  • 220,000 hp
  • 1500 cargo space
  • 1 month of premium
  • 2 LF-4 lasers
  • 1 havoc drone design
  • 200 extra energy 10 booty keys
  • 10,000 RSB-75 ammo
  • 200 EMP-1s
  • Damage, shield and honor boosters for 10 hours.

Ambassador Design

Razer Edit

On May 9th, 2014, Bigpoint with Razer had released a brand new design for the Nostromo which is only available if you download the RAZER Comms App (similar to chat or teamspeak) and then login.

This design is only visual with no increased stats.

Despite the fact these are designs they function more along the lines of an actual ship. Regardless you have to have a Nostromo ship already to use them.
Razer Design

Razor Deisgn


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