The Overview is the first section of the Hangar, which lets you see detailed information about your ship. The details are:

  • General Info:
    • Hit points
    • Max. hit points
    • Nano Hull
    • Max. Nano Hull
    • Repair credits
    • Jump credits
    • Booty keys (Green, Blue, and Red)
  • Weapons Info:
    • Lasers
    • Laser ammo
    • Rockets
  • Generator Info:
    • Speed generators
    • Max. speed
    • Shield generators
    • Damage distribution
    • Shield/hull
  • Number of Drones:
    • Flax
    • Iris
    • Apis
    • Zeus
  • P.E.T. Info:
    • Name
    • Fuel
    • Level
    • Experience points
    • Hit points
    • Lasers
  • Health Info
    • Shield generators
    • Damage distribution
    • Shield/hull

This side show an animated image of your ship. If you do not have a ship (new hangars), you will be reqired to place an allocated ship into the hangar before configuration/use. The three hexagons at the bottom are your unallocated ships. You can only have 3 unallocated ships at a time.

On another tab, you can see how your drones and P.E.T. are leveling.

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