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The P.E.T. 10 (similar to a drone) is a robotic NPC companion that follows and aids you in many ways for your space adventure. It is capable of earning experience as you complete quests, destroying aliens and/or enemy players. The P.E.T.'s maximum level is 15, changing in appearance throughout leveling up. It is recommended to purchase one of these as soon as possible, but it does give certain advantages while battling or if wanting to collect raw materials/bonus boxes. Pets are more complicated than drones and you have to treat it like your own ship!

Cost & Fuel ConsumptionEdit

The P.E.T. itself costs 50,000 Uridium in Shop and is not available in Trade.

It has always been for 50,000 Uridium. But has occasionally been offered with few CPU, Protocols and Fuel for Payment.

The P.E.T needs fuel to fly around and be active.
The higher the level of your P.E.T or the more equip items, the more fuel it will consume.
The formula for the fuel consumption of the PET is:

1 + ( [PET Level] * 2 ) + ( [Ai Protocols equipped] * 2 ) + ( [Gears equipped] * 4)

The P.E.T will automatically hide away if it runs out of fuel, but it is needed to fly.

The P.E.T consumes 25 fuel when spawned.


darkorbit pet


The P.E.T. is able to be equipped with lasers, shield generators, gears, and AI Protocols.

More slots become available to purchase (with uridium) when leveling your P.E.T. up.

It's hitpoints can also be higher if you purchase the hitpoint upgrade.  This upgrade can be found in the P.E.T./Gear section in the shop, after each level gained. Level 1 - 3,Level 4-7, Level 8-9,Level 10, Level 15 The P.E.T needs fuel to fly around and be active. The higher the level of your P.E.T or the more equip items, the more fuel it will consume. The formula for the fuel consumption of the PET is: 1 + ( [PET Level] * 2 ) + ( [Ai Protocols equipped] * 2 ) + ( [Gears equipped] * 4).'''''

The P.E.T will automatically hide away if it runs out of fuel, but it is needed to fly.   Set price for 0.25 uridium, but you can only buy a minimum of 1 uridium worth. Since you can't spend 0.25 uridium.

Simple click the "play" button to active your P.E.T, if you want to hide it, press the square button that appears after it.The P.E.T. Rewards have changed to the following: Level 0 – 5000 EP and 10 honor Level 1 – 6000 EP and 10 honor Level 2 – 7000 EP and 20 honor Level 3 – 8000 EP and 30 honor Level 4 – 9000 EP and 40 honor Level 5 – 10000 EP and 50 honor Level 6 – 11000 EP and 60 honor Level 7 – 12000 EP and 70 honor Level 8 – 13000 EP and 80 honor Level 9 – 14000 EP and 90 honor Level 10 – 15000 EP and 100 honor



P.E.T. 10

The P.E.T. box is represented by the circular symbol, once opened it will not show any details until the P.E.T. is launched, to do this click on the play button. It will cost fuel to launch the P.E.T. If you do not have enough fuel only the fuel symbol will show to remind you to purchase some. The launch button will change into a dock button when the P.E.T. is on the space map.

When launched, the box will display the statistics for your P.E.T. The image on the left of the window shows your P.E.T.s current level in the bottom right of the picture; your P.E.T.s name is shown at the top of the box. Underneath the name the HP (1), shield (2), fuel (3) and EP (4) of the P.E.T. are shown. If you hover your mouse cursor over the numerical values of each will be shown.

The drop down can be used to select the behavior of the P.E.T. the available behaviors will depends on what gears are equipped.

Passive mode

This is the default mode and your P.E.T. will not do anything but follow you.

Guard mode

Your P.E.T. will stay on guard to attack anything that attacks you, both players and NPCs. If you are shooting an opponent it will help you, it works in every map, including Galaxy Gates. It will use the ammo that you have selected, it will only use laser ammunition as it cannot fire rockets.


This mode will prompt the P.E.T. to collect cargo and bonus boxes within it's detection range, the level of the gear will expand the detection range.

Use the Auto-looter when on an NPC quest, or in a Galaxy Gate, to collect the cargo boxes for you. It will save you alot of time.

Auto-resource collector

When on this mode the P.E.T. will collect all resources that are nearby. Will be usefull when collecting palladium.

Enemy Locator

Like the resource collector this gear has a second menu, it will allow you to choose which NPC you wish your P.E.T. to find within it's detection radius. Once that NPC is found a directional ring will appear pointing you in the right direction. A small green ping will also appear on the minimap for you.

Resource Locator

The resource location mode is identical to the enemy locator, apart from that it will direct you towards resources and not enemies. You can select the resource in the second menu, and when it has been located on the map the directional ring will point you towards it.

Cargo Trader

The cargo trader allows you to sell your resources outside of the base station, when the mode is selected the trade window will open up as normal. The P.E.T. will then sell the selected ores, and in doing so it will be unavailable for a short period of time. This time is dependent on the level of the gear equipped; a cool down will be shown to let you know how long is remaining until the P.E.T. returns.


If this option is selected then the P.E.T. will explode when it's hitpoints drop below a certain level. Use this in combination with a smart bomb in PvP battles to wear your enemy down.

P.E.T. repairer

The P.E.T. cannot repair itself, it must use the repair gear. When set to this mode the P.E.T. will regenerate a certain amount of hitpoints, dependent on the gear level, per second. The higher the level of the gear, the higher the repair rate. This will not repair your P.E.T. if you have been destroyed in battle, if this happens then the launch button will change into a repair button. Clicking this will repair the P.E.T. with basic hitpoints; it will cost you 250 Uridium to do this.

There are a total of 7 gears which have various functions; these gears also have 3 different levels. Dependent on the level of the P.E.T. dictates what level of gear you have access to. To purchase a gear click on the gear icon you wish to purchase, and then on the right hand side you can choose the level of the gear you wish to purchase.

Protocols can be used to enhance certain gears.

Auto Loot Gear

The auto loot gear will allow your P.E.T. to collect the free cargo boxes from NPCs, and destroyed ships; it will also collect bonus boxes. Whilst the auto loot gear is active it can only be attacked by other players and not NPCs. Increasing the level of this gear will increase the range at which the P.E.T. can detect, and collect cargo boxes or bonus boxes

Auto Resource Collection Gear

The auto resource will automatically collect the desired resources within its detection range. Increasing the level of the gear increases the detection and collection range of the P.E.T. With no resource set it will collect any resource in its range when the gear is active; you can also set it to collect a specific ore on the map. Whilst the auto loot gear is active it can only be attacked by other players and not NPCs. 

Enemy Locator Gear

The enemy locator gear will point you towards the nearest NPC, of the type which you choose (specific to the map you are in). The P.E.T. can be attacked by players and NPCs whilst in this gear is active. If no NPC type is chosen, then it will automatically default to the first NPC in the list. Increasing the level of this gear will increase the P.E.T.s detection range.

Resource Locator Gear

The resource locator gear will point you towards the nearest resources, of a type you choose (specific to the map you are in). The P.E.T. can be attacked by NPCs and players whilst this gear is active. If no resource type is chosen, it will automatically default back to the fist resource type on the list. Increasing the level of this gear will increase the P.E.T.s detection range.

Trade Pod Gear

The trade pod gear allows you to sell cargo at anytime, and from anywhere. However whilst the P.E.T. is selling your resources it will be absent for a period of time. The P.E.T. cannot be attacked at all whilst it is selling resources. Increasing the level of the gear increases the bonus you will get for selling resources, and decreases the time that the P.E.T. is absent for.

Repair Gear

The repair gear allows you P.E.T. to repair battle damage at a rate of x per second; it cannot repair itself whilst in battle. Each level of the gear repairs the P.E.T. faster. 

Kamikaze Gear

If equipped the kamikaze gear will cause your P.E.T. to launch one last devastating attack to your enemy. When you, or your P.E.T., reach a certain percentage of damage the P.E.T. will launch itself towards your enemy and explode. This explosion does a maximum damage, dependent on the level of the gear. Increasing the level of this gear will increase the damage of the explosion, and increase the area over which the P.E.T.s explosion causes damage.


Gears are modes that the P.E.T can be commanded to do and are sure to be a major boost against enemies. Stock gear that come with the P.E.T.

  • Passive mode (does not do anything but merely follows you)
  • Guard mode (fires at what you are shooting and defends you when shot at by an enemy)

Elite/Uridium bought P.E.T gear.

  • CRS-02 Combo Ship Repair Gear (Repairs your ship during flight. Uses extra fuel for each repair. Also protects your P.E.T. from attacks.)
  • CGM-02 Combo Guard Mode Gear (Connects the Guard Mode to the new Insta Shield. Uses 35% more fuel when it's been activated. Guard mode with an extra shield for the P.E.T.)
  • G-AL1 Auto-looter (automatically collect Bonus Boxes and cargo boxes within close range)
  • G-AR1 Auto-resource collector (automatically collect resources within close range)
  • G-EL1 Enemy locator (automatically pinpoint every alien in the current star system)
  • G-TRA1 Cargo trader (lets your P.E.T. trade cargo from anywhere in the galaxy at anytime)
  • G-REP1 P.E.T. repairer (repairs x HP per second to your P.E.T.)
  • G-KK1 Kamikaze detonator (causes x splash damage upon P.E.T. Explosion)

x* indicates that there are 3 levels of gears that can be bought, level 1 being the first.

The Gear on the P.E.T will last for an unlimited amount of time so you can buy Gear you will not lose it unless you sell it.

AI ProtocolsEdit

AI Protocols are chips that are equipped to your P.E.T. to increase certain statistics.

For more information, please visit the AI Protocols page

Multiple ProtocolsEdit

You are allowed to equip multiple protocols of the same type. At MAX Level the P.E.T. is capable of holding 12 protocols. So for example you are allowed to have 12 AI-R1 Radar protocols installed at the same time, giving your P.E.T. a significant distance it can travel on its own.
IMG 1612

Hit PointsEdit

The P.E.T.'s HP can be increased by the G-HP1 gear. However, you cannot equip this onto your P.E.T.

As your P.E.T. gains levels, the cost of the G-HP1 will increase, and the amount of extra HP added to your pet will also increase. Here are the maximum possible amounts of HP your P.E.T. can have (Keep in mind that the not affected by the HP booster) and their costs:

Level 0: 50,000 HP ---- With original P.E.T.10 Purchase, 50,000 Uridium

Level 1: 60,000 HP ---- 5,000 Uridium

Level 2: 70,000 HP ---- 10,000 Uridium

Level 3: 80,000 HP ---- 15,000 Uridium

Level 4: 90,000 HP ---- 20,000 Uridium

Level 5: 100,000 HP ---- 25,000 Uridium

Level 6: 110,000 HP ---- 30,000 Uridium

Level 7: 120,000 HP ---- 35,000 Uridium

Level 8: 130,000 HP ---- 40,000 Uridium

Level 9: 140,000 HP ---- 45,000 Uridium

Level 10: 150,000 HP ---- 50,000 Uridium

Level 11: 160,000 HP ---- 55,000 Uridium

Level 12: 170,000 HP ---- 60,000 Uridium

Level 13: 180,000 HP ---- 65,000 Uridium

Level 14: 190,000 HP ---- 70,000 Uridium

Level 15: 200,000 HP ---- 75,000 Uridium

Total XP for pet levelsEdit

  1. 160,000
  2. 1,280,000
  3. 4,320,000
  4. 10,240,000
  5. 20,000,000
  6. 34,560,000
  7. 54,880,000
  8. 81,920,000
  9. 116,640,000
  10. 160,000,000 
  11. 212,960,000 
  12. 276,480,000 
  13. 351,520,000 
  14. 439,040,000
  15. 540,000,000 Total

P.E.T. repair costsEdit

Pet repair costs

Tips while using the P.E.TEdit

Here are a few tips for the P.E.T 10.

  • Always have the P.E.T out at the end of a Galaxy Gate or finishing a quest (your P.E.T will recieve lots of EXP).
  • If your P.E.T is out on a cargo/resources transfer, it will carry on gathering EXP from your kills. This is because during the "run" of X amount of time, your P.E.T is active athough not with you.
  • Only use the Kamikaze if you are premium, as without premium it can cost a lot of uridium.
  • Use the Kamikaze on big groups of aliens, or in galaxy gates.
  • If you want your P.E.T to deal high damage then buy the 'alien protocol' or the "laser protocol".

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