Sell Price Exchange rate of 1 extra energy for every 15 Palladium.
Obtained Collecting it manually in the Pirate maps 5-1 and 5-3.
Weapon Upgrade None
Propulsion Upgrade None
Shield Upgrade None

Palladium is an ore that is only used to exchange at a ratio of 15:1 for extra energy, used in the Galaxy Gate Generator. It can only be found and collected in two of the three Pirate maps 5-1 and 5-3, while only being able to be exchanged in the base of 5-2. Once a player has collected more than 15 Palladium, you are then able to exchange it ONLY at the 5-2 base. It cannot be exchanged for anything other than extra energy.

15 Palladium = 1 extra energy

Collecting PalladiumEdit

Palladium is a highly valuable ore for anyone looking to build a Galaxy Gate; to get it, many players employ a cloaking device and send a P.E.T. 10 with the Auto Resource Collector gear to retrieve it for them. Entering the Mist in either map will uncloak your ship. If you own a P.E.T. 10, it is recommended using it to pick it up for you since it is a tedious task. Also, beware of enemies that may destroy you while you collect palladium.

If you have the P.E.T 10 with level 3 Auto Resource Collector it is advised to sit just on the border of the blue mist and let you pet collect the palladium, meaning you remain cloaked. This is inadvisable if you want a large quantity of palladium quickly, however is useful when you don't have enough to repair your ship/drones if you die.

The Periodic TableEdit

Palladium is an official element of the Periodic Table that is non-radioactive. It is element number 46, with an atomic weight of 106.42 and a density of 12.023.