Parasite tide

Overview Edit

A Parasite Tide is crashing over humanity - will you become a willing host, or fight the spread of the disease? 

Greetings, Pilots! 

A strange new plague is spreading through the human population. Why is it making its victims act so out of character? Could it have something to do with the mysterious new alien species, whose appearance is so off-putting? 

The Parasite Tide is crashing over DarkOrbit! 

Will you manage to avoid being infected? Will you become a ministering angel, fighting the infection and curing your fellow players, all while taking the fight to the disgusting Gygerim? With your fellow humans turning against you as well as the new alien threat to meet, it's a perilous course to fly!

...Or will you become a willing host to their strange parasite offspring, allowing the faint whispers of alien instinct to guide your steps, spreading their contagious blessing to other ships, and resisting all serums and treatments? It's a dangerous line to tread!

Complete unique new missions for both infected and uninfected players, unlock new achievements and titles, meet and defeat horrifying new alien motherships - and if you have reached level 21, you'll find a whole new story arc of epic missions waiting for you to conquer!

When the Parasite Tide arrives, it's kill or cure.... or sometimes, both!

The Gygerim have 24 milion hp and 12 milion shield...

Limited-Time Items Edit

  • PIB-100 Laser Ammo: 4 Times stronger than a convenient laser; Infects other players
  • IM-01 Mine: Damages and infects other players (This is also the mine in pirate maps)
  • Ancient Master design for Goliath
  • Plague Bonus Boxes
  • ANTIZ-1 CPU: To cure from infection

Your DarkOrbit Team

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