Recaptcha V2

This is what it looks like when you attempt a CAPTCHA Challenge. But it may look different.

Password Protected Boxes are a new addition to DarkOrbit. These boxes look exactly like a regular bonus box (although there are pumpkin versions, christmas star versions, carnival versions, and sun box versions as well) however they are encrypted with a password.

The password behaves very much like a CAPTCHA that you get when signing up to many online websites. This is a preventative measure against botters. If the person gets the password correct, they will receive the contents of the box and the contents they will get from the next box will be doubled.

However if the person gets the password incorrect, they will not be able to pick up another box until they get the correct password. If a person gets the password wrong 20 times in a row, they are kicked from the game. If you can't make out what the password is, you can refresh it. This changes the password and does not count as an attempt to open the box.

Encrypted Bonus Boxes FAQ