The Pilot Profile can be found under the Pilot Bio. This section will now be split into 3 areas:

Skill Tree, and
Friends & Bonuses

When you first click the Pilot Bio you will be directed to the Profile Screen

Pilot profile - 1
As you can see it shows your name, and statistics on the left hand side on the page. At the bottom it also shows your clan statistics.
The image on the right shows which company you are green for VRU, blue for EIC and red for MMO.

In the centre you can see a Player Info section and a status area. The edit your Player Info Click the Edit Profile link, this will bring up a pop up for you.

Pilot profile - 2

You can use the drop down menus to select your date of birth, Gender and Country. In the text boxes you can type in information. When you have finished editing your data you can click save to publish it to your profile.

Skill Tree
You can access the Skill Tree as normal by clicking the Skill Tree tab at the top. The layout and functions have not changed for this.

Friends and Bonuses
The first time you open this page it show a layer for you. The layer explains how the invitation system works.  

Pilot profile - 3

As you can see, you can invite your friends to join DarkOrbit, we will keep a record of all these friends that join DarkOrbit. Once an invited friend reaches level 7 you will be awarded 5 log disks and 5 repair credits. You will get this for every friend that reaches Level 7 in game. However, you are limited to a maximum of 10 invitations per day.

There are also bonuses for milestones in invited friends.  

Pilot profile - 4

As soon as you close the banner you will see the Page, this is split into two sections. One to invite friends, and one for the Daily Log In Bonus.

Pilot profile - 5

To invite friends you can click the Invite Friends button at the top left. This will give you a pop up to invite friends.

Pilot profile - 6

You can type email addresses into the top box, for multiple email addresses you can separate them with a comma. You can also add a message to send to your friends. Simply click “invite friends” to send out the invitations.

In the middle of the Invite page you can track your friends progress, it will show what level they are and how they are progressing in the game.

You can also keep track of the number of invites you have sent, and which are still pending. At the bottom you can click Bonus Logbook and see which bonuses you have received so far.

To check your Daily Log In Bonus you can now click on the tab and see which day you are on. Each Log In bonus will be shown in your Log Book as normal.

Chixonator (talk) 22:36, May 10, 2013 (UTC)chixonator

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