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Green pb

Pirate booty is a green box that contains rewards that vary from generators, ships, extras and ammunition. These boxes appeared right after the Pirate aliens did and are somewhat rare to find. They are spread out through most maps and are at different locations. These boxes are also locked and require a Booty key to be unlocked costing 1,500 Uridium each key 30,000 for 20 keys,60,000 40 keys.

Common rewards from a green box Edit

These are the most common of booty chests and are always in the game, on every map except X-1.

Singular Rewards: Edit

  • G3N-7900
  • SG3N-B02
  • CLO4K-XL
  • LF-3, LF-4 laser cannons
  • 10 Hour Boosters
  • Goliath Skill Designs (Sentinel, Solace, Diminisher, Venom, Spectrum)
  • Vengeance Skill Design (Lightning) (Confirmed)
  • Apis Drone Blueprints
  • Complete Apis Drone (Zeus parts can only be found in golden chests)
  • Clan Battle Station modules
  • Spearhead, Aegis, Citadel (Found in Red and Blue chests)
  • Havoc design (Found in Red and Blue chests)

Rewards in two, three, or four parts: Edit

  • Laser ammunition (RSB-75, SAB-50, UCB-100, MCB-50)
  • Mines (SAB-M01,DD-M01 , EMP-M01)
  • Extra Galaxy Gate Energy
  • EMP-01 (EMP Bursts)
  • Log Disks
  • Rockets (PLT-3030s, PLT-2021s, PLT-2026s, UBR-100 , HSTRM-01)
  • 1 Hour Boosters
  • Xenomit
  • Advanced Jump Credit(s)

Gold pirate bootyEdit

Gold pb

Gold Pirate Booty are the limited time boxes that have the chance to contain Zeus Drone blueprints or even a complete Zeus drone, in addition to the normal box contents. Gold chests are visibly differentiated (gold) from the regular green boxes and take the normal booty key to open. DarkOrbit had released these special boxes during a Zeus Drone event.

Red and blue pirate bootyEdit

Blue pb
Red pb

During an update, there were two new types of Pirate Booty added that are colored red and blue with their own red and blue Booty Key's to open with.

The red chests seem to have double the chance of winning a LF-4 laser compared to the normal chests! Incredible! And the blue chests? Well, our scientists have even calculated a three-fold increase of your chance at a LF-4-Laser! Not only that, but some of them contain special ships like the Spearhead, Aegis or the Citadel, while others still have the rare Havoc drone design

You can find these special boxes during random events and give you the chance to earn the Hercules and Havoc drone designs and to purchase the Booty Key's is only possible with payment and not Uridium.

Silver Booty Edit

There was another type of Booties: Silver Booty, which isn't available anymore. They could be opened with Silver Booty keys (BK-103).

In-game description:

Chase pirates and get great rewards! Hello Space Pilots, Our intelligence has found special boxes that look like a pirate goods with priceless objects. These silver boxes scattered throughout the galaxy, but to open them is not so simple. Fortunately, our scientists, in collaboration with QIWI Wallet developed special keys to the silver trophies, with which you can open these mysterious boxes and unlock valuable rewards. In addition to other great rewards boxes can get laser LF-4, as well as high-end design for the ships "Aegis "," Citadel "or" Spearhead "and designs« Havoc »and« Hercules »for drones. Do not miss this unique chance to get the silver keys QIWI Wallet! Remember, though, that at some point, these boxes will disappear from the game. So do not hesitate and go in search now! Keys can be purchased in the section "Payment", using QIWI Wallet as the preferred method of payment.

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