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Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty is a box that is rarely found on various maps that is unlike regular boxes, it requires a BK-100 key to be unlocked (costing 1,500 Uridium each key). Secondly, once opened, it rewards one to four items such as the LF-4, expensive extras, various Ammunition, or extra energy. Laser Cannon and other designs have a very low chance of being given.

Known RewardsEdit

Singular Rewards: G3N-7900, SG3N-B02, CLO4K-XL, LF-3, LF-4, 10 Hour Boosters, Hour Boosters, Goliath Skill Designs (Sentinel, Solace, Diminisher,Venom, Spectrum), Vengeance Lightning Skill Design , Goliath Designs (Crimson, Enforcer, Bastion, Veteran, Exalted), Vengeance Designs (Adept, Corsair, Revenge, Avenger), Apis Drone Blueprints, complete Apis Drone, Clan Battle Station modules, Spearhead, Aegis, Citadel, Havoc Design

Rewards In Two, Three, or Four Parts: Laser Ammo (RSB-75, SAB-50, UCB-100, MCB-50), Mines(SAB-M01,DD-M01 , EMP-M01), Extra Galaxy Gate Energies, EMP-01 (EMP Bursts), Log Disks, Rockets ( PLT-3030s, PLT-2021s, PLT-2026s, UBR-100 , HSTRM-01, PLT-2026s), 1 Hour Boosters, Xenomit, Advanced Jump Credit(s)

Golden pirate bootyEdit

Golden Pirate Booty

Golden Pirate Booty is limited time Pirate Booty that has the chance to contain Zeus drone blueprints or a complete Zeus drone, in addition to the normal box's contents. The Golden Pirate Booty is visibly differentiated (gold) from the green Pirate Booty and takes your normal BK-100 booty keys to open.

DarkOrbit releases these boxes once during a Zeus event.

Red and blue pirate bootyEdit

Pirate Booty Blue Pirate Booty Red

A recently new update added red and blue pirate booty, corresponding to red and blue booty keys as well.

The red chests seem to have double the chance of winning a LF-4 laser compared to the normal chests! Incredible! And the blue chests? Well, our scientists have even calculated a three-fold increase of your chance at a LF-4-Laser! Not only that, but some of them contain special ships like the Spearhead, Aegis or the Citadel, while others still have the rare Havoc drone design

You can find red and blue pirate booty at random on any space map during this event.

You can obtain Hercules and Havoc drone design in these chest. these chest can only be bougth with real money and not for uridium.

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