Pirate chests (also know as Pirate booty) are the various treasure chest boxes found throughout the map system. They were believed to have been left behind by Pirate aliens when first introduced. When opened (only with a specific type of key), they reward the user who opened it with a random reward that varies on the type of chest opened.

Cost and availability Edit

Pirate chests can contain anything from ammunition, boosters, ships, drone parts, extras, or generators. Once you locate a chest, remember that a key is needed to open it. The keys are some times available in the Shop page under extras for 1,500 Uridium each. During special events they will be usually available at a discounted rate or even as a bundle.

Common rewards (being updated) Edit

Pirate chest/key colorsEdit

A Pirate chest Key is an elite extra that is used to open pirate chests depending on the type of chest color needed, it will need a matching colored key to unlock and open the rewards. They are depleted by (1) after each chest opened. Currently only four chests and keys are known of.
Bk green

Green Edit

Green pb
The most common chests found in space, requiring Green keys. Available in the Shop for 1,500 Uridium each key.

Gold Edit

Gold pb
Somewhat rare to find, these Gold chests have a chance to earn parts for the Zeus drone in form of blueprints. Also opened by Green keys.
Booty Key Blue
Blue pb
Bk red

Blue Edit

Rare to find, contains around triple the rewards compared to a Green chest. They also have a high chance to earn an LF-4 laser. Opened by Blue keys only. Payment and crafting, during special events.
Red pb

Red Edit

Rare to find, somewhat the same rewards as a Blue chest. Only opened by Red keys. Payment and crafting, during special events.

Here is a quoted description of them:
The red chests seem to have double the chance of winning a LF-4 laser compared to the normal chests! Incredible! And the blue chests? Well, our scientists have even calculated a three-fold increase of your chance at a LF-4-Laser! Not only that, but some of them contain special ships like the Spearhead, Aegis or the Citadel, whileothers still have the rare Havoc drone design. You can find these special boxes during random events and give you the chance to earn the Hercules and Havoc drone designs and purchaseing the Booty Keys is only possible with payment and not Uridium.

Silver Edit


Also titled as BK-103, this key was only found in the game files and was available for a certain time for Silver Pirate booty chests but has since then been removed.Kill as many Pirates as you can and get the lustrous opportunity to finally become wealthy from the brand-new Silver chests! Hello Space Pilots, Our intelligence has found special boxes that look like pirate goods with priceless objects. These silver boxes scattered throughout the galaxy, but opening them is not so simple. Fortunately, our scientists, in collaboration with QIWI Wallet, developed special keys to the silver trophies, with which you can open these mysterious boxes and unlock valuable rewards. In addition to other great rewards, boxes can give you an LF-4 laser, as well as high-end designs for the ships "Aegis "," Citadel "or" Spearhead "and designs« Havoc »and« Hercules »for drones. Do not miss this unique chance to get the silver keys QIWI Wallet! Remember, though, that at some point, these boxes will disappear from the game. So do not hesitate and go in search now! Keys can be purchased in the section "Payment", using QIWI Wallet as the preferred method of payment.

Obsidian (black chests) Edit

Obsidian chest

All-New Rare Skins Package!

The techs are still delivering outstanding quality in the Obsidian Booty boxes, with an all-new Rare and Legendary Skin packages, including Lava designs for the three newest craftable ships: Mimesis, Cyborg, and Hammerclaw.

You will find the Obsidian Boxes on all normal maps from X-2 to X-8, including Pirate maps so it’s high time you got on crafting those keys!

Crafting materials are available as drops from Saimon and Mordon (Scrap), Pirate NPCs from Interceptors to Battle Rays (Aurus) and guaranteed rewards for all GGs (Schism).

To craft 1 key you need 20 Scrap, 10 Aurus and 5 Schism.

Note: The Assembly recipe, the Obsidian Booty Boxes and the Schism drops are only available during the event. Alternatively, key packages are available in the shop.

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