The Pirate maps are a set of 3 mysterious maps that had first appeared around 2011. Along with the new maps, there was also a new alien type that was originally called Reapers, but now are just called Pirates.

Overview Edit

5-1 Edit

The first map which contains Palladium, a rare ore used to trade.

5-2 Edit

The second map which enables players to exchange their Palladium.

  • Pirates available: Interceptors, Saboteurs, Annihilators and Barracudas

5-3 Edit

The hardest considered Pirate map due to having a Battleray mothership to battle.

  • This map also contains palladium in the fog at the top and bottom of the map.
  • Pirates available: Interceptors, Saboteurs, Annihilators, Barracudas and Battleray

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